Our mission

We are on a mission build a lightweight analytics platform that helps marketers and analysts make the most out of their GA4 data in BigQuery. Our vision involves a large repository of queries for shaping your data and generating specific reports which can be configured, run and scheduled from inside the app without code.

In addition to this, we'll be introducing customer list uploads and CRM integrations, allowing users to leverage shared identifiers between business data and Google Analytics and in doing so enabling further cross-platform queries and more advanced data modelling features.

We want this platform to be a lightweight, but key part of a modern marketing / sales data stack that can be leveraged just as easily by marketers and analysts alike.

A (very) little history

FlatQuery started just like any other job. We found ourselves using the exact same SQL queries for multiple different clients, across sectors with slight modifications because despite the contents of the GA4 to BigQuery event table output, the data is highly standardised.

FlatQuery then is an attempt to capitalise on this standardisation and offer out the work that we've done already to the community. Already we're saving internal teams 90% of time on this and/or thousands in external consultancy.

Thanks for reading.